Let me be Your Echo, Lord

Let me be Your Echo, Lord

Let me hear your will.

I failed to hear your whisper,

but your shout rings loudly still.


Saying – “Here I Am. Have no doubts.

It is I, the One you have known from the beginning.

Have you forgotten the sound of my voice?

How soon you forget. Hold on tight. Listen to my song.

You’re weak. Come dance with me. For I Am very strong.”


Your song, Lord is so wondrous and overwhelming.

Keep singing, and please don’t stop.

It brings joy to my weary heart.

Give me the voice to call back to you from my mountaintop.


Let me send forth your word like a resounding drum.

A sound that is pure and powerful and travels far from the place it starts.

To be heard by all who are there to listen,

To touch their searching hearts.


Let your word be carried by the wind of your Holy Spirit

Rushing swiftly through the sky

A strong wind which has the strength of your solid arms

That picked me up and carried me when you heard my cry.


Lord, Let me be your echo.


An echo that will join the chorus of voices that are bringing the sound of Your Hope

Across the skies, through the deep valleys,

From mountain to mountain, and to the deserts

To your people who are in desperate need of a familiar voice,

One who cares, One who Has Been there, and always Will Be.


HST Feb. 2009



Revelation 3:20

“Here I Am. I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with me.”


Come, Lord Jesus. I hear and recognize your voice. You are welcomed with open arms into my heart.








Molded by Your Hands


Make me to be a sphere – molded by Your hands
One that is efficient to roll with speed, to spin with ease
One that will bounce back in a predictable path
 right back to Your hands that continue to mold me
Take me from the sin that distorts Your intended shape
Reshape me to fit Your hands

Ready To Walk

I wrote this song at a time in my life of utter dependence on God and complete trust in God, as a new born child of God. It’s a song about salvation and redemption – a message of the Gospel. Along with the song came a strong desire to share this Hope that I had found. I was surely looking, and as He said, seek and ye shall find. The youth choir and I sang it once during worship and I’ve played it for the Women’s Bible Study. I also had the awesome opportunity to go back to the church where I grew up and share it with them. I think I might give it one of 3 titles. It’s a catchy song that you can snap your fingers to. 🙂 The feeling is one of trust, assuredness, committment, and joy. I am Hope-filled.

In The Light of the Lamb / Ready to Walk / Walk as a Child

I’m ready to walk as a child in the light

I’m ready to walk on a straight and narrow path

I’m ready to walk as a child in the light

Walkin’ in the light of the Lamb


Oh when you’re walkin’ the path of righteousness

Let Him lead the way

Cuz He will guide you and He will love you

And never let you go astray


And when you can’t see where you’re goin’

And only darkness can be found

Just look toward Him, He’ll shine his light for you

And He will turn your life around


I’m ready to trust with the faith of  a child

I’m ready to trust and He’ll take me by the hand

I’m ready to trust with the faith of a child

Trusting and obeying His commands


And if you’re lookin’ for salvation

The Lord has paved a way

The Lamb has freed you, now let Him lead you

And He’ll show you a brighter day


And when you’re laying your life before Him

And sharing the light He gives

Our world is brighter, our love is stronger

And we know that Our Savior lives


I’m ready to walk as a child in the light

I’m ready to walk on a straight and narrow path

I’m ready to walk as a child in the light

Walkin’ in the light of the Lamb

Walkin’ in the light of the Lamb

Walkin’ in the light of the Lamb

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